• Portable bean grinder

    Portable bean grinder

    For the pursuit of high quality of life, bean mill is an indispensable small machine, bean mill is a tool used to grind beans into powder, can improve the quality of people's lives, but most of the common bean mill is connected to the power sup...
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  • Pyrometer


    Product details: Product number: XL 18650 3.7V 2600mAh Cell type: 18650 Battery specification:18650-1S1P-2600mAh-3.7V Product size: 18.5*20*70mm Nominal vol...
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  • Bank safes

    Bank safes

    Bank safes Safe (box) is a special kind of container. According to its function, it is mainly divided into fireproof safes and anti-theft safes, anti-magnetic safes, fireproof anti-magnetic safes and fireproof anti-theft safes and so...
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  • Portable night vision devices

    Portable night vision devices

    Portable night vision devices were first previously used to locate enemy targets at night. Night vision devices are still used extensively in military systems for navigation, surveillance, targeting, and other purposes in addition to those ment...
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  • Fibre optic fusion splicers

    Fibre optic fusion splicers

    Fibre-optic fusion splicing machine is mainly used in major operators, engineering companies, enterprises and institutions of optical cable line construction, line maintenance, emergency repair, production testing of fibre-optic devices and res...
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  • Portable Nebulisers

    Portable Nebulisers

    The portable nebuliser can assist in relieving people of various respiratory diseases and can cleanse the nasal and respiratory passages to prevent colds and nasopharyngitis and to take care of smooth breathing. Portable atomisers for...
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  • RC model cars

    RC model cars

    RC model cars are referred to as RC Car, which is a branch of the model, generally consisting of the body of the RC car and the remote control and receiver. RC cars as a whole are divided into two categories: electric RC cars and fuel-powered R...
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  • Wireless keyboards

    Wireless keyboards

    Since the birth of the wireless mechanical keyboard, there has been a debate about whether it is better to have a dry battery or a built-in lithium battery, and this debate has intensified with the popularity of wireless peripherals. F...
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  • Electric Hair Trimmer

    Electric Hair Trimmer

    Electric Hair Trimmer An electric hair trimmer is a small appliance for removing body hair that has a combination of: 1.Safe stainless steel blade design, rounded blade, safe isolation, gently remove exce...
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  • Electric Massage Comb

    Electric Massage Comb

    An electric massage comb that promotes blood circulation in the scalp area and effectively prevents excessive oil secretion in the scalp. It also allows for better health care of the scalp and improves hair loss. In addition it can effectively ...
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  • Air conditioning clothing

    Air conditioning clothing

    The sun is shining, the temperature is high and the heat is gripping us. Those who stay in air-conditioned rooms lament that it's a good thing we have air conditioning to keep us alive! But we don't stay indoors all the time, we always have to ...
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  • Wireless Humidifier

    Wireless Humidifier

    Is there a lot of dust in your car that is not conducive to driving? Dry, stuffy and uncomfortable breathing in a small space? Is your nose and throat uncomfortable because the air conditioning is on constantly? How to hydrate your car with lim...
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